vera wang blue diamond ring


vera wang blue diamond ring

vera wang blue diamond ring – Of all of the jewelry made from brown diamonds that the chocolate diamond ring appears to be on top of the list of favorites. So much so that chocolate and champagne diamond engagement rings have become more popular. This type of engagement ring is ideal for a person who needs something unconventional, but something really special.

Like the regular white diamond engagement ring, the brownish diamond ring is very versatile as it goes well with all hair and skin colours. It also goes well with a wide array of clothes from casual to elegant.

Popular Ring Settings

You will often find chocolate diamond rings which are a collection of small diamonds, such as chocolate and white, instead of a single center stone.

These brownish sparkling stones operate particularly well with a couple different gems. They work superbly with white or colorless stones; this mix is my personal favorite. You can get a wide array of rings with white and brown diamonds as this appears to be a common pairing.

However they also work very well with lighter colored stones such as aquamarine. In reality the combination of aquamarine and brown diamonds is becoming more and more popular. Le Vian, the company who coined the term chocolate diamonds, has a great choice of aquamarine and chocolate diamond rings. Of course they provide some fantastic necklaces and earrings as well.

When mixed together with colorless diamonds or aquamarine it brings out the lighter or cool tones of this white silver or gold. However, the warmth of these brown diamonds also pairs beautifully with yellow or rose gold.

Where To Buy A Chocolate Diamond Ring

Chocolate diamond rings, and other chocolate pearl jewelry, could be seen at many jewelry shops. If you want a real pearl, while it is natural or man made, ensure that you go to a respectable jeweler. You ought to be able to get a certificate of authenticity for your documents, but you might also want to have it evaluated by an independent appraiser to be certain to know the real worth of this jewelry.

If you shop online be sure that you go for a respectable shopper as well. Do not just search for the cheapest one you could find. Unfortunately this is an area which can be impacted by fraud. You want to be certain that you get what you pay for, and know exactly what you’re buying.

A chocolate diamond ring can create a great addition to your jewellery collection. Or if you’re interested in finding a different ring to pop the question a chocolate or champagne diamond engagement ring might be exactly the right thing, particularly if your special someone is partial to natural tones.

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